Creating a system for your company’s success

Impulse Seminar for your Systematic Business Success

Learn in only one day the most valuable best practices for your company’s orientation to success!

Target group and objectives

The impulse seminar is directed to managing directors and executives of medium-sized and larger companies. It is designed to provide you with the most useful best practices for systematically and sustainably increasing your company's success.

The emphasis is on proven approaches for the goal-oriented integration of your management system. A further focus is on the implementation of your management system on all levels of your organization.

The seminar is largely interactive and the questions of all participants are answered.

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Your benefit

The event will enable you to assess the status quo and the effectiveness of your management system. On this basis, you will receive numerous valuable recommendations for action, impulses and ideas for the advancement of your management system. In particular, you will learn how you can use your management system

  • to increase the profitability of your company,
  • to increase your sustainable business success by reducing and controlling risks and
  • to establish a powerful, lean and comfortable control instrument for your company.

In the seminar you will discover many possibilities for improvement that will be a benefit for your company.

Frequently asked questions of our participants:

  • How can redundancies and multiple regulations be reduced and unnecessary costs be avoided?
  • How a management system can be used to take advantage of the benefits of digitization?
  • Which components are important for an effective integrated management system?
  • How can the compliance safety and legal safety of a company be increased?

If one or more of these questions also arise for you, then you are in the very right place! After the seminar you will know the answers. Use this day to work ON your company!

Invest one day to increase your company's success!

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Seminar procedure in brief

The interactive seminar starts with an introduction to the topic of integrated management systems. Thereby the following questions are answered:

  • How is an integrated management system (IMS) structured?
  • How to get from specific management systems to an integrated system?
  • How to implement an IMS at all levels of the organization?

After the introduction, the following questions are discussed with the participants:

  • How does the situation look like in your own experience?
  • Where do you see the weak points and need for action in your company?

The subsequent focal points of an integrated management system are deepened as required:

  • Specific modules of an integrated system:
    • Normative framework
    • Strategic component
    • Transformation of the goal contents
    • Process execution
    • Process measurement/measurement consolidation
    • Deviation analysis
    • Derivation of measures/formation of groups of measures
    • Transformation of the need for change, Δ-compensation
  • IT support for an integrated management system
  • Implementation of the integrated system

Seminar documentation complements the day and contains a variety of suggestions and examples. The participants of the impulse seminar leave the event with many ideas for the systematic improvements of their business success. After the seminar, they still have the opportunity to participate in two video conferences and clarify newly arising questions.

Experience the most valuable best practices for success control with management systems in only one day!

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Important Seminar Details at a Glance

Target group

The event is targeted at managing directors and executives of medium-sized and larger companies who already operate at least one management system or who want to introduce such a system.

Friday 9:00 to 12:00 Seminar
12:00 to 13:00 Lunch Hour
13:00 to 17:00 Seminar

Your speakers

Dr.-Ing. Michael Mayer

Dr. Michael Mayer received his doctorate on the subject of "Integrated Management Systems" and has been working for many years as a consultant and trainer on this topic.

More about Dr. Michael Mayer

Dipl.-Ing. Karl Ramler

Karl Ramler has several decades of experience in the design and implementation of effective management systems.

More about Karl Ramler

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Frankfurt: Friday, October 9, 2020Registration deadline: July 19, 2020

The Squaire 12 (at Frankfurt Airport)
60549 Frankfurt am Main

Hamburg: Friday, December 11, 2020Registration deadline: September 20, 2020

Neuer Wall 50
20354 Hamburg